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Mythic Mondays! Gratitude, 2020?

It’s been nearly a year since we here in CA went into our first Covid-19 lockdown. Wow, what a year. I'm not going to recap all the hardships and heartbreaks, we know them all too well.

We could never have imagined all that has happened.

I think this is a good time to take a deep breath, consider what we've learned, be grateful for what we can, and honor our journey. It's a good time to congratulate ourselves, to appreciate our strengths, endurance, resilience, and ability to hang on under the most terrible of circumstances.

I created the—Honoring Gratitude 2020 Certificate— for you to download and print out. You can remember, write down, and honor some of the things you have come to know and understand about yourself in the past year.

I am so proud of the Regent women who have struggled and made it through 2020.

What good things have you discovered about yourself in the past year?

Take a moment to honor yourself and your journey!

Download the Honoring Gratitude 2020 Certificate here.


Dr. A.

If you like to journal and haven't grabbed your copy of the digital "Epiphany Journal" you can grab it here and explore in-depth what this past year has meant to you.

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