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Dr. A. can help you navigate your course through

The Seas of Midlife

Women's Midlife transformation is a journey of soul; it can take you to the underworld of sorrow and lift you back up to the heights of joy and creativity.

Women go through a Triple Transformation during midlife. One is physical, one is psychological, and these two woven together create a Spiritual transformation of life perspective.


Every woman is unique. Every woman crosses this territory in her own way and in her own time.  


You don’t have to make the journey alone.

I am reaching back across the rivers of change, offering my hand and expertise to help you.

 Designed Specifically For You

My private coaching is not a cookie-cutter program or a one size fits all solution. Instead, my program is personalized for each client. I design your program around where you are now, what challenges you are facing, and your goals and dreams.


My coaching and mentoring are based on the principles of archetypal and depth psychology, which include creativity, mythology, story, and much more. The focus is on acknowledging the present, unlocking the past, and creating an action template focused on creating your life story’s next chapters with intention.


We discover what you want to change, who you want to become, and what you want to do in your Regency years. By understanding and mapping your life story, we work together to remember and rediscover your True North. 

How do you get started?

Book a thirty-minute free consultation call, and we'll discuss your challenges and goals.

In the months of August & September, I’m running a special discounted hourly rate..

$100.00 per 60-minute session.

Book with Dr. A. and see what a difference an expert can make in your life! 

You can book a free 30-minute consult click here.


Or you can skip the consult, book a session, and get started on your goals.

Click here. 


Every woman who books her first coaching session in the month of August or September will keep this discounted rate for six months.


Book now, and use this endless summer to launch into your next chapter! Openings at this fantastic price are limited. After you book either choice, Dr. A. will contact you via email.

Click on the links above to book today!

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