Women's Wisdom Village

This is the time to dig in and go beyond our daily vision to see how humanity has survived, grown, and thrived emerging from crisis into creativity and community. 


We all know what the day to day is like during the pandemic. Let’s explore something new. Covid -19 has forced us back to hearth and home, back to the domain of the family, and the mothers. 


What can we learn from this? Where is our power and how should we wield it? Join me to explore the ancient hopeful truths and power that lives within the myths of the universal experience of being a woman.


Dr. A. is a cultural mythologist and women’s coach. Connect with Dr. A. and like-minded women, in weekly inspirational conversations, held online, about the big picture of being a woman in these times.

In each conversation, as women have done for millennia, we will gather at the well (ours will be virtual) to support each other and to find wisdom, insight, and clarity in uncertain times.

Enter the circle and:

  • Experience new ways of understanding what we are going through today, from the wisdom in ancient myths and stories.

  • Explore the legacy of wisdom from the deep universal experiences of being women. 

  • Broaden and deepen our thinking about our outer and inner worlds.

  • Create a deeper connection to ourselves and to each other. 

These weeks of social distancing can create more than stress and worry. We can emerge from this uncertain time with a story to tell about ourselves and our world and a new vision for our lives, our families, our communities, and our world. 


Women’s Village will meet on Zoom. Each gathering will last approximately one hour and welcome up to 10 women. Offered 2x a week, register for one or both!


Wednesdays and Sundays at 7:30 -8:30 pm PDT.


Zoom meeting code will be delivered via email upon registering. Registration is free however, a suggested donation of  $5-$10 per meeting is appreciated if you are able to contribute. No one will be turned away for a lack of funds.

Upcoming Dates

Women's Wisdom Village | Sun. 5/31
Zoom Meeting

Our conversations with Dr. A have physically calmed my nerves as well as given me thoughts to sustain me throughout the days in lock-down. Just looking at the bigger picture through history and myth has given me hope that all of this quarantine stuff is actually producing something beautiful in us. Dr. A has helped me to recognize that I'm faced with choices every day, to be a heroine or a victim, to be courageous or captive. These choices help to frame my ever-changing moods, allowing me to feel all of it and not to feel alone. The wisdom offered me in these cyberspace meetings has made all the difference in how I'm handling my new life, staying home and going within. I am committed to praying daily for the feminine energies of the homestead to impact our homes, our towns, our culture. 

- René

Dr. A's Women's Village has been a port in the storm for me through these uncertain times.  She is an inspiration to me and has a deep and abundant knowledge of tools so pertinent to our current climate.  Connecting with the divine feminine, the inner heroine, archetypes, and myths surrounded by a group of strong like-minded women has been profoundly heartwarming and life-affirming.  I highly recommend this group for all of us looking to find meaning, solidarity, and hope right now. 

Thank you Dr A!

- Ambre

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