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The Heroine's  Path

This 12-week one-to-one coaching program is designed specifically
for women in perimenopause, Midlife, Menopause & Post-Menopause 

The Heroine's Path Difference

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Unique, Effective & Soul Healing

Choose the only midlife women's coaching program

that uses the proven techniques of Depth and Archetypal Psychology:
 Myth, Story, Personal Narrative, Active Imagination, Dream Work,

Folktales, Fairytales, and Creativity.


The Heroines Path is a map you create and follow, inviting you to live your most authentic and fulfilled life NOW.

Not in 6 months, not when this or that happens, but now.


Women’s midlife is unique, and each woman is an unfinished work of art.

Have you heard the call to get back to work on your masterpiece, which is you? 

In midlife, women hear the call to their deeper selves that have been back-burnered for so long.


After tending everyone else's garden for 20-30 years, it’s time to tend your own.

Whatever you did during your crazy busy householder years — whether you created your first home, built a career, raised a family, cared for parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, or did all of the above,

this is the time of life when you are meant to reassess everything.


Carl Jung proposed midlife as the necessary turning point for refocusing the mind from the outer world of accomplishment to the inner world of psyche, soul, mind, and spirit. It's a time of refocusing on your inner self and your ability to discover new meaning, purpose, and belonging in your life.


This is a sacred undertaking . . . this is your life.


The Heroine’s Path is a one-to-one coaching program for women

who want to live their most authentic and fulfilled lives now.

We look at where you are, how you got here, and where you want to go, and we make an actionable plan.


Using proven tools from Depth psychology, including your life story, symbols, signs, and maps left for us within myths, fairytales, folktales, and more, we discover who you are now, what you need to leave in the past, what may be holding you back, how to release it, how to create your next chapter . . . and so much more.

Why Dr. A. &

 The Heroine’s Path 12-Week Coaching Program?


Expert Guidance: Working with a Ph.D. expert in Depth and Archetypal Psychology ensures that the coaching program is grounded in sound theoretical frameworks and evidence-based practices.  The expertise of the coach can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the journey.

Exploration of Depth Psychology: Depth psychology delves into the unconscious aspects of the psyche, allowing women to explore deeper layers of their identity, motivations, and aspirations. This exploration can lead to profound insights and transformative growth.

Mythological Insights: Drawing from mythology, executive women can explore timeless stories and symbols that resonate with their own life experiences. This exploration can provide perspective, inspiration, and guidance as they navigate midlife doubts, fears, and regrets.

Personal Narrative Development: Through personal narrative work, executive women can explore and reshape the stories they tell themselves about their lives, identities, and possibilities. This process can empower them to embrace new perspectives and narratives that align with their values and aspirations.

Personalized Approach: A one-to-one coaching program provides a highly personalized approach tailored to the specific needs, challenges, and goals of each woman. This ensures that their unique experiences and concerns are addressed effectively.

The Heroine's Path

  • 12 one-to-one coaching sessions lasting 60-90 minutes each. You decide how much time you need each week.

  • A customized coaching program curated to your specific issues.

  • A welcome packet outlining each of the 12 sessions' contents.

  • All readings are chosen specifically for you by Dr. A. and emailed as a PDF or you will be given the live web link to access the materials. 

  • All hand-outs, journaling pages, and worksheets are chosen specifically for you by Dr. A. and are emailed to you to be completed before the next live coaching session.

  • Early registration and free access to any Women’s Wisdom Village workshops offered during your program.

  • Email access to Dr. A. for questions or additional support.

What Are Women Like You Saying About

The Heroine's Path ?


“It’s impossible to overstate how valuable working with Dr. A. has been to my personal evolution as I navigate through the wilds of middle-age. When I started, I was filled with unease around a lack of purpose and direction for my life. As someone who had the good fortune to retire from work relatively early, I was troubled with doubts about how I was spending my time and how to feel like my new life had the same kind of meaning as it did before I left the workforce and before my children went off to college. Dr. A’s gentle guidance, helpful reading material, and excellent listening helped me tremendously. As we conclude our work together, I feel a renewed sense of purpose, tangible goals, and excitement about the future. She is such a masterful and kind teacher, anyone will be enriched by working with her.” V.L.

"I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your coaching and your course helped me immensely during the roughest time of my life. I don't know what I would have done without your guidance. It felt so good to be understood and also to know what was coming around the bend. And that I wasn't going crazy My whole perspective began to change which helped me manage grandparenting and caring for my parents as well as learning to care for myself. I have grown immensely from your insights and your method." R.U.

“I went thru the 12-week private coaching program with Andrea, and as we pulled away the layers and revealed my personal story, I was able to take a step back and grasp my life experience with a new set of eyes.

​I have made it through the worst of it and I feel a fresh current to follow. Andrea’s counsel and guidance through this storm have been a saving grace, a life raft in a raging sea.

​I feel the compass in hand with this new perspective, I found what was always there, the wisdom and truth of my personal story through the ancient telling of tales that traveled through time to help me.” L.M.


“I signed up for her 12-week course and we met every Thursday night for 12 weeks. She provided a structure that was loose enough to meet me where I was but also included a structure to keep me moving forward. Our sessions delved into a variety of areas that, collectively, helped me better see and vision a future for myself that was more aligned with the person I wanted to be and was meant to be. I’ve had many years of therapy for overall health and mental well-being and to get me through challenges (divorce, death of parent, trials of parenthood, etc) and these sessions complemented that work and also provided fresh insights. I recently “retired” from my profession of 25+ years and am in the process of re-launching myself. I don’t even say 'new chapter”… I prefer to say “ new book.' Regardless of where you are or where you want to be, the sessions help with clarity, and the weekly sessions ensure forward movement. Highly recommend!" 55 in the 805

“You know, I could not have done this without you. I really don’t think I could have. I have a tendency to bury deep, hard, all the way in, deep as you can. And starting way back when, with The Inner Wild Woman Class, and now, working one-to-one, I literally can easily see myself understanding it all.. . . I am at a point in my life where I have got to bring it out and understand this and make these connections. I seriously don’t think that I could have done this without you.” A.D.


“Andrea's Midlife coaching has transformed how I view myself as a 21st-century woman. She weaves theories of modern psychology with ancient mythology to unravel the negative female stereotypes our culture imposes. She empowers us with the knowledge of ancient traditions embracing our strengths and a road map of our uniquely female journey. She helps us reframe our life stages and to recognize our great inner power and beauty. It is a journey of self-discovery supported by the bonds of sisterhood and friendship. It is life-changing.” D.C.

Dr. A. does not accept all women who are interested in the program.

Some women's needs are not a good fit; additionally, Dr. A. has limited availability.

Please book a discovery call to chat with Dr. A. to determine if this program is the right one for you.

Click on the button below, book a call time,  and Dr. A. will meet you on Zoom at that time.

The link will be sent to you in an email.

Dr. A. will answer all your questions in your discovery call.

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