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Your life is changing ; so are your body, your mind, and  feelings.
This 25-year stage of profound change is called


Helping women 45+ navigate the rough seas
of menopause and midlife.

Whether a woman was previously enmeshed in raising a family, caring for others, or independent and career-minded, or both, the processes of perimenopause, midlife, and menopause create actual changes in the body and the psyche.

You may find that some days you are going with the current, some days you are struggling against it, and other days you get dashed against the rocks or beached. You are not alone, and you can make it across into new territory. 

Women are discovering that at age forty-five to fifty, something new is coming. The other side of midlife and menopause can be one of the most inspiring and fulfilling times of your life.

A time I call  Regency

I created The Heroine's Path to help women 45+ acknowledge and influence the physical, psychological, and spiritual life changes they are encountering.

- Dr. Andrea Slominski

Andrea Slominski, Ph.D. is an author, speaker, and coach.


Andrea guides women 45+ through the often tumultuous transformations that occur during perimenopause, midlife, and menopause using creativity, story, mythology, imagination, ceremony, and ritual. 


Through extensive research and study, she has created a methodology that helps women navigate these powerful years that she calls Regency. Her work is rooted in proven methods of depth psychology, showing Regent women how to reclaim their passions, develop their purpose, and to rediscover their “True North.”

Andrea has her M.A. and Ph.D. in Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is a 5–time Joseph Campbell-Mythological Studies Scholarship Award winner.




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Rene, M.A.
Writer, Creativist

Since the first meeting, I have had a renewed sense of wonder at my own life, my own story. I love the support of the women in the group, the material and especially the workshop exercises. It's been really good for me and came at a good time!

Donna, RN
Health and Wellness Educator

Andrea's role as a Midlife Re-Boot midwife is invaluable. I attended her workshop in June and it was the first step in attracting all of the pieces I needed to start the next chapter, the best chapter of my life! Thank you Andrea!



Andrea is a wonderful teacher.  She has opened up a window of knowledge that is often overlooked, the wisdom of the feminine life cycle.  She helps you to access the four feminine archetypal energies to assist you in creating a life full of creativity and meaning.

Lorraine P.
Retired Educator

I have found the Women's Wisdom Village meetings to be a source of comfort and support this year. Meeting with you and those who attend has been a saving grace during the pandemic lockdown. I also find the journal questions a means to explore myself and my own thinking, helping me to understand myself and be introspective. I appreciate your guidance, thank you.

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(From 55 in the 805)

"At age 55 and following a rough past year, I knew I was ready to make a change in my life, though I wasn’t really sure where to start. When I discovered Dr. A’s workshop - initially a one-time session - I knew it was just what I needed to move myself forward in a new direction. I signed up for her 12-week course and we met every Thursday night for 12 weeks. She provided a structure that was loose enough to meet me where I was but also included a structure to keep me moving forward. Our sessions delved into a variety of areas that, collectively, helped me better see and vision a future for myself that was more aligned with the person I wanted to be and was meant to be. I’ve had many years of therapy for overall health and mental well-being and to get me through challenges (divorce, death of parent, trials of parenthood, etc) and these sessions complemented that work and also provided fresh insights. I recently “retired” from my profession of 25+ years and am in the process of re-launching myself. I don’t even say 'new chapter”… I prefer to say “ new book.' Regardless of where you are or where you want to be, the sessions help with clarity, and the weekly sessions ensure forward movement. Highly recommend!"

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Family Court Judge

Andrea's Midlife workshop has transformed how I view myself as a 21st-century woman. She weaves theories of modern psychology with ancient mythology to unravel the negative female stereotypes our culture imposes. She empowers us with the knowledge of ancient traditions embracing our strengths and a road map of our uniquely female journey. She helps us reframe our life stages and to recognize our great inner power and beauty. It is a journey of self-discovery supported by the bonds of sisterhood and friendship. It is life-changing.

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Lorelle M.

I was swimming thru deep waters of undesired emotions trying to find my way to the surface. This is when I came upon Andrea’s Women’s Wisdom Village.

The Pandemic, job loss, raging politics, and my sons moving far away was the final shoe to drop of the empty nest. I was also dealing with the amplified challenges a 40-year relationship while in lockdown; all this was overwhelming my psyche. I knew I had survived before, thru terrible situations of the past, but this was a whole new level and I needed a leg up, a respite from all of it while staying in the boxed-in world.

 Andrea’s stories from the village began to resonate with me for reasons I couldn’t understand. It became more clear the more I listened; I found myself in those stories, they were reflecting themes of my life. I went thru the 12-week private coaching program with Andrea, and as we pulled away the layers and revealed my personal story, I was able to take a step back and grasp my life experience with a new set of eyes.

I have made it through the worst of it and I feel a fresh current to follow. Andrea’s counsel and guidance through this storm have been a saving grace, a life raft in a raging sea.

I feel the compass in hand with this new perspective, I found what was always there, the wisdom and truth of my personal story through the ancient telling of tales that traveled through time to help me.

A Regent woman has  sovereignty  over herself and her life;

she is dynamic and active. 

By claiming her sovereignty, a Regent woman chooses to run her own life. She strives to embody her potential. She makes choices that are hers alone to make, about who she will become, what she will do, and how she will pursue fulfillment during this new phase.

After spending her life devoted to caring for family, friends, and career, a Regent woman declares: 

Now it's my turn!


By 2027 there will be over 87 million U.S. women over 45, recreating themselves in this new life stage.

What could 87 million women achieve if they embraced this rite of passage and harnessed its power? Anything they set their minds to.

Work With

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