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Regent Women

Claiming Sovereignty Through Community

Small Group Coaching for Women 45-70+
A Twelve-Week Sacred Journey of Kinship

Offering Extraordinary

Connection, Compassion, Collaboration, Courage, and Care

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The next Session Starts in September. Registration will open in August.
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Sacred Circles of Change

  • Learn the truth about what lies ahead in your Regency Years from 45 to 70,

and the challenges and opportunities within:

Perimenopause, Midlife, Menopause, and Post Menopause

Develop strategies and solutions for managing profound physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation.


Find community, compassion, and connection.


Rewrite your story, knowing you are not alone and you are not broken.

  • Discover the Seven Realms of Change that all women over 40 must cross.

Learn to navigate the hardships and potential within each of them, see where they overlap, and prepare for the realms that will hold the roughest seas for you.


  • Understand what is unique and powerful within the twenty-five-year rite of passage you are experiencing and why, when you complete the journey through this labyrinth, you will emerge a different woman than you are today.


  • Renew access to deep feminine archetypal energies: your intuition, instincts, and womanly wisdom that are your birthright.


  • Reclaim your inner power, authority, creativity, and confidence.


  • Make deep and meaningful connections with other women just like you, as we acknowledge our unclaimed cultural power and our innate ability to change ourselves and the world.


  • Receive coaching from a PhD expert in Women’s Midlife Transformation

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The Details

The Sacred Circles of Change journey begins on April 30th, 2024, and continues on Tuesdays through July 16 th, 2024. The program is 12-weeks.

Each Sacred Circle session is 90 minutes and is hosted live Via Zoom with Dr. A. 

Circles will have a minimum of six and a maximum of ten women each.

There are three Sacred Circle Sessions available in three different time zones.

11:00 am Pacific /7 Pm UK                       3:30 pm Pacific                         7:00 pm Pacific

Sold Out
Sold Out
Sold Out

Your registration includes a welcome package that you'll receive via mail with the text book for the Circle,  Seven Realms of Change: A Woman's Discovery Journal .  A beautiful 8.5 x 11 inch, 95-page, full-color journal, we use it to demystify the complexity of the changes ahead, and it will help you track the changes in your life for a year.

Your package also contains seven soulful surprises that you'll use throughout the 12 weeks!

Registration fee  for the Sacred Circles of Change  Twelve-Week Coaching Program is 

$888.00 USD

( Less than half the cost of private coaching.)

              11:00 am Pacific / 7pm UK.             3:30 pm Pacific                            7:00 pm Pacific

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we can accomplish so much more 

When We Work Together!

For millennia, women have supported and guided each other in times of change and hardship, sharing experiences, solutions, compassion, wisdom, and love. They left maps, road signs,
and mile markers for us to follow.

Learn what you need to know, what no one has told you about what lies ahead during the triple transformation and the twenty-five-year life stage you are entering or living through.
We'll take a deep dive into the physical, psychological, and spiritual realignments of Women's Midlife.

it's possible to participate in, influence, and direct the changes you are experiencing

Join Dr. A. in a Sacred Circle and experience exceptional, award-winning coaching based in proven methods of archetypal and depth psychology that include mythology, the great tales, folktales, fairytales, dream work, active imagination, creative exercises, and more.

reaffirm your

Meaning , Purpose, and Belonging

Discover and claim the power of being among the first women in the history of humanity to live past menopause together as a cohort. Embrace your potential as we create this new life stage while we are living it. Reclaim your passion for life, your creativity, and your archetypal power together in kinship with like-minded women who want to live their most fulfilled and authentic lives.

Learn skills to manage change
that you will use for the rest of your life

join dr. A. in a sacred circle of soulful sisterhood and


Dr. A speaks to me like nobody I know.I loved the Group Class. It is beautifully organized and presented, and, once again, the content spoke to me in a way that I don’t often experience. I recently retired, and this course got me laser-focused on how I want and plan to do my third act - or Regency. Dr. A is very inspiring and an absolute font of information on midlife issues. Thanks to this course, I feel confident and empowered to create and live the life I want. Susan H.

Be Acknowledged,
Seen and Loved.


I loved this class! From the moment I got my welcome kit, I knew the decision to take this class was on point! The welcome kit is beautiful, and the journal is too. Everything about this class is personal and meaningful.  Learning and sharing with other women about all the changes in  this time of life helped me realize that I wasn't sick or broken. Now, I have the knowledge and the tools to be resilient during all the changes ahead. I love the private FB group, too, so we can all stay in touch! Thanks, Dr. A., for your knowledge and compassion and for connecting all the women in my class. V. F. in FLA

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11:00 am Pacific/ 7:00 pm UK.                                  3:30 pm Pacific.                                                         7:00 pm Pacific


Sacred Circles of Change 

The next session is not open for registration yet. 

Please subscribe to my email list

to be among the first to know

when this program is offered again!


The program is 12 weeks.

After registration, you will receive an email with the Zoom links

and mailing information for the welcome kit.

International registrations will incur additional mailing expenses.

Questions? Email Dr. A. directly at

 Scroll down for the syllabus information and our cancellation policy.


Dr. A's class was really helpful for me as I am entering into this challenging time of life. I really liked the group setting for this class.I loved getting the welcome package with my journal. It is beautiful and I look forward to continuing to use it in the future as my focus changes. Thank you, Dr. A. for creating this course and sharing it with us - we need each other as we go through these changes, and your course gave me a community to help me figure out where I am and where I am headed. Tracy M.

Syllabus Overview

A detailed syllabus will be emailed to you and included in your welcome kit after you register. Feel free to email me and schedule a call to discuss any questions you may have.

Week 1 - Welcome & Introductions.

In this first week, we’ll introduce ourselves to each other, share a little about why we decided to join the program, and discuss our goals and hopes for the next 12 weeks and the next twenty years. We’ll review the syllabus and the outline of the 12 weeks ahead. Each week will feature a mythic theme (MT) that opens a deeper understanding of our embodied experience as Regent women.

MT - Captive or Heroine

Week 2 - An overview of women’s Midlife and an in-depth discussion of Regency.

MT - The Four-fold Goddess

Week 3 - We begin our work in the Seven Realms of Change: A Woman’s’ Discovery Journal.

MT - The Night Sea Journey

Weeks 4 - 10  Continuing the Seven Realms of Change Journey and the Weaving of the Threads of the Seven 

MT - Arachne, Penelope, Grandmother Spider

Week 11 - Charting A New Course

MT - Alchemy

Week 12 - Your Action Plan

MT - Personal Myth

 Sacred Circles of Change ©  2024 Dr. Andrea M Slominski  and Regency Rising, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Cancellation Policy

You may withdraw from this program until April 16th, 2024, 14 days before it begins. However, you will be refunded  $788.00. You will forfeit $100.00 as a rebooking fee.  After April 16th , 2024, there will be no refunds offered unless the program is canceled. By purchasing this coaching program, you are agreeing that you have read the Policies and Privacy and Disclaimer pages on this website,  under the Tab LEGAL NOTICES, and that you agree to the terms described therein.
We have a 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If we have not delivered our products and services as promised, we will gladly refund your money within 30 days of your initial purchase.

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