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In this episode of the powerful YouTube show, Dr. A talks in detail about the evolution of Regency, the power of this new life stage, and what it means for the future of women.

This FB Live nterview features Dr. A.  discussing myth as a tool for women's midlife growth, her theory of Regency and women's ability to recreate themselves at midlife.

This in-depth podcast interview features Dr. A discussing mythological and archetypal approaches to women's midlife issues. The conversation includes the transformational aspects of  perimenopause and menopause, with examples of how she works with clients using myth.

On today’s episode of The D Shift, Dr. Andrea Slominski talks about the unique position “women of a specific age” are in at this time of life. Dr. A shares her ideas on how the rise of women's new life stage, Regency, empowers the first generation of women who are living through and past menopause as a group. Harnessing this power and going through midlife changes on a physical, spiritual, and mental level provides amazing opportunities as individuals and as a collective to make essential political, cultural, and economic shifts to make a significant positive impact in the world.

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