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The Transformative Power of Midlife with Dr. Andrea Slominski

What becomes possible in a world where women live longer than ever before and control more wealth than at any time in human history? Mythologist and depth psychologist Dr. Andrea Slominski @andreaslominskiphd delivers mind-blowing insights into what it means for this enormous cohort of women to bring an entirely new archetypal psychological perspective to the world.

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This in-depth podcast interview features Dr. A discussing mythological and archetypal approaches to women's midlife issues. The conversation includes the transformational aspects of  perimenopause and menopause, with examples of how she works with clients using myth.

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Dr. Andrea Slominski Interview: Member Spotlight

In this episode of the powerful YouTube show, Dr. A talks in detail about the evolution of Regency, the power of this new life stage, and what it means for the future of women.

On today’s episode of The D Shift, Dr. Andrea Slominski talks about the unique position “women of a specific age” are in at this time of life. Dr. A shares her ideas on how the rise of women's new life stage, Regency, empowers the first generation of women who are living through and past menopause as a group. 

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