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Join Dr. A. in an eight-week exploration of this powerful, best-selling, classic book on women’s mythology.

Learn how to reclaim
Your Wild Woman Energy,
revitalize, and recreate yourself,
for yourself.

What are women saying about the class?

"A deeply impactful class. Dr. A’s insightful and illuminating approach leads you to greater understanding of the book and of yourself. I highly recommend it." Patricia B.

 I have really enjoyed connecting with you and your work, and it’s very rich and has been extremely supportive to me, as have you, during this time. To be honest, it’s been a real lifeline for me, and I’m very grateful. I’ve also appreciated connecting with the others in the group too."


"A friend recommended the book, and I thought it might be fun to be in a discussion group as I read the book - kind of like a book club. But this was more interesting than a discussion about a plot line. It really set in motion some ideas for me to carry and ruminate. Dr. Andrea Slominski provides insight into the stories and helps to bring them from the darkness to the light, making them real/relative to our lives. I enjoyed the class and happily will take it again."

Darlene K.

Midlife is a time of personal reassessment that can lead you back to your essential self, who you were before you were responsible for or committed to anyone else. This includes the resurfacing of the energies of the archetypal wild woman. The Wild Woman is your soul connection to your vitality, passion, and desire for life. Your Wild Woman within is the feminine container for the power of life, the energy behind creativity, imagination, and the desire to live, to be, and to fulfill your destiny.

Required Text: Women Who Run with The Wolves, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

( It is possible to buy the book used, and inexpensively on many bookseller websites)
Readings for Week One: Introduction and Chapter One.
(Since we all may be reading from different editions, I will not use page numbers.)

The study group runs for 90 minutes per class session for eight weeks.

We will discuss the readings and learn how to tap into the power within the myths and folktales of the text to activate personal transformation.

There are two group times offered on Wednesdays from

July 5th - August 23rd

Group 1 Meets at 3:30 pm Pacific, which is 5:30 pm Central and 6:30 pm Eastern

Group 2 Meets at 6:30 pm Pacific, which is 8:30 pm Central and 9:30 pm Eastern 
The groups are limited to a tribe of 20.

ZOOM links and reading chapters will be emailed to participants one week before the event—

from be sure this address is in your email address book,

or the emails will go to your spam folder!

If you miss a session, classes will be recorded and available via a private video link.

Eight-Week Class Fee is $99.00 

Please be sure you can attend this class before you purchase it.

If you have to cancel, you must email me at least 48 hours before the first session

to receive a refund. There are no refunds once the classes have started. 

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