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After the Solstice, Rest.

Once again, here we are, in the long dark freeze of winter. We’ve passed the winter solstice, celebrated our holidays, and it’s almost our calendar’s New Year. Instead of making resolutions and jumping into 2023 like a sprinter, I’d like you to consider taking some deep, creative, soulful rest. This can be the time when you refill your well and welcome the fallow, transformational darkness of deep winter.

The length of daylight and dark instruct the trees, flowers, and animals. This cycle will also lead us into a transformational place if we let it. The seasons and the earth will tell us when it is time to do, plant, grow, tend, produce, harvest, and when it is time to rest, go fallow, and dream.

There is wisdom in the darkness. It takes us out of our intellect and invites us to move back down into a bodily way of knowing. This darkness invites us to slow down, think, consider, and imagine.

Depth and Archetypal psychologies recognize the light and shadow and gods and goddesses within us. The season of darkness, long nights, and fallow fields, is nature's invitation to us. She's showing us that it’s time for us to rest, to let our fields lay fallow for a time, to give over to dreams and imaginings. In this way, we can plant the seeds of our new hopes and dreams in the spring.

No seed germinates in the sun but needs to be left in the darkness and the cold for a time. The desire to curl up in front of a fire with a book, to sit and just think hypnotized by the flames, or to spin and weave the wool of your spring and summer into the mantle of winter, all are natural impulses.

This is the hope and promise of the turning of the great wheel of cosmic time.

It’s time to trust in this cosmic pause and rest in the warm embrace of the star-studded darkness within the renewing womb of creation.

This is our moment of unlimited potential. In the womb of creation—the realm of dreams and imagination—all things are possible. Saying yes to engaging with these mythic realms opens you to your infinite possibilities. Our ancestors lived in the mythic time of nature; we can, too, if we listen and heed its call.

The winter pause after the solstice invites us to leave behind what needs to die, take a new breath, and relax into the fallow, deep mysteries of life.

It’s the seeding of new beginnings in the fertile soil created from all that you’ve learned, experienced, struggled with, and been victorious over the past year. May you embrace its creative potential in your life.


Dr. A


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