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" Dark have been my dreams of late."

How are you sleeping? My sleep this week has been memorable. Overflowing with dreams of fantastic creatures, impossible places, and deep and rough waters, each night has become a stand-alone adventure.

The personal unconscious has a shared threshold with the collective unconscious—which is a repository for all that lies within the experience of being human—our instincts, cellular history, genetic memory, the archetypes, symbols, and myths, and the gods and goddesses within them. The ancient stories of redemption, rebirth, hope, love, and faith all have common roots. It is to this ancient storehouse that our psyches turn in times of stress, transformation, and change. The wisdom found there is then related to us via our dreams. In recent nights I have met the Wise Old Man, the illusion of abandonment, the ambivalence of empty nest, the serpent from the fathomless depths, talking reptiles, and sailed ahead fearless on stormy seas. We are all connected to AND through the maelstrom that we are navigating, and with each other in ways that we may never understand.

Despite these dark days, their callous injustice and cruel indifference, I have discovered a renewal of meaning in the precious value of love, the treasure of friendship, and family (no matter its long list of imperfections). What have you been dreaming about?

( Artwork, " Sea" by Andreas Achenbach)

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