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Mythic Monday-Women's Intuition, Power & Prophesy

It's Mythic Monday—Time for Some Inspiration!

Women have a mighty gift of intuition. I’m willing to bet that you are well acquainted with your inner voice that rises up to say, “Yes, do that, that’s a great idea!” and sometimes, “Are you sure you want to do that?” That inner voice is connected to deep and ancient wisdom. Women have been seers and prophets since ancient times.

The great Oracle of Delphi was always a woman. She would enter a meditative, trance-like state and converse with Apollo, who would give her the answers to the questions asked by kings, rulers, and men from all across the ancient world. The Oracle’s declarations and messages determined when Greece would go to war, when farmers would plant, and much more. Many important decisions were made based on the oracles’ declarations.

For eleven centuries, she was the most powerful woman in the classical world!

The more than 500 Oracular statements from the Oracle of Delphi that have survived from various sources predicted winning battle strategies, advised successful political strategies, foretold the end of monarchies, proclaimed the wisdom of Socrates, the death of Lysander, the conquests of Alexander the Great, the death of Nero, and many more.

Greek Mythology also shows us that when women's intuition and foresight are ignored, it can be disastrous for everyone. Cassandra, the daughter of the King of Troy, was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo. When she rejected his sexual advances, he cursed her not to be believed. She tried to warn the Greeks about the coming Trojan war, but no one would listen to her. We know the rest of that story!

As a woman 45-65 who is going through the physical and psychological transformations of perimenopause, midlife, and menopause, you may be experiencing the increasing empowerment of your intuition. This is as it should be! It’s time to refocus on yourself. Your intuition is a powerful gift from the deep places of your psyche. This is the time for your feelings, needs, and dreams to be given the space to reemerge.

If you listen to your intuition, your inner oracle will lead you to discover what you need to let go of and what you need more of in your life. It can guide you to recreate yourself and empower you to begin to create your most authentic and fulfilled life.

So go for that walk, slip into that hot bath, or set aside some quiet time to listen to your deep inner voice. This is a great time of the year to get ready to plant new seeds of change in the Spring to come!


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