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hold on tight to the real

Connection. Support. Community. Meaning. Purpose. Belonging.

My mind is racing. I don’t even know where to start this blog post.

At the beginning, yes, maybe that’s best. It’s going to be a long one.


One quick caveat: AI is about to transform life as we know it.


And, every archetype has its opposite.

Some of you have heard me talk about some of this before, but stay with me here; It’s important.


In the past 120 years, women have begun to reclaim their co-divinity and Sovereignty from a world that stripped it from us thousands of years ago. Simultaneously, our life span has expanded, bringing women’s growing economic, political, and cultural power.

Boomer women and all the women following are the first generations of women to live past menopause as a cohort in the History of Humanity.


In 1900, statistically, women in the US were dead by 51.


These new cohorts of women surviving past menopause will total 87 million in the US alone by 2023. We are creating a new life stage as we live it.


We are living together past menopause, journeying across Seven Realms of Change and through a Triple Transformation emerging with all our work experience, life experience, and wisdom.


After thousands of years, patriarchal and capitalistic values are pushing our beautiful blue planet and all life on it into an existential crisis, just as the archetypal feminine energies that women represent and embody are returning. The human qualities of the archetypal feminine (which are beyond gender and are present in men and women) include loving, nurturing, caretaking, compassion, empathy, emotional intelligence, collaboration, intuition, being reflective, creative, responsive, being in tune with the cycles of nature, and our bodies.


Women also have womanly wisdom, women’s ways of knowing, and women’s instincts and intuition, which all come from the unique embodied experience of living life as a woman. Our bodies are tied to the Earth through the cycles of the moon, the tides, and the seasons; our bodies and cycles even synchronize when we spend enough time together.


Is it just a random synchronicity that the worldwide climate crisis, the extension of women’s life span, and the return of the archetypal feminine within humanity are occurring simultaneously?

No, I don’t think so. It's the Anima Mudi's countermove to rising tyranny, faulty logic. and the analytical, super-rational.


Since the beginning of human culture, nature and the natural world have been associated with women and the feminine. Women brought/bring forth life, just as the earth did/does each year in a cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth.


Beginning in antiquity with the Great Mother of the cosmos and continuing through the ages with the goddesses that represented and protected women and nature, women have been represented by nature and vice versa.  Mother Nature, women, and the natural world are linked by cycles of birth and death and growth, by seasons, and the earth herself.


The Rise of Regency, women’s new life stage, is part of the feminine returning to save ourselves, the planet, and all life on it. To achieve this ultimate challenge, we must treasure and develop real person-to-person connections. These connections are the foundation needed to support one another, utilizing community and understanding in order to build and share sustainable Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging.


 And now, in another synchronicity, enter AI.


AI is here with all its promise of new solutions to be developed for everything.


AI offers the potential of miraculous advances in medicine, diseases cured, new surgical techniques, faulty DNA repaired before it’s passed on, and new advances in anti-aging, to list only a few.


This is part of the theme that science and technology will save us.


AI might give us the ability to revive ancient and newly extinct species and create altogether new forms of life from the micro to the macro; we then become creator gods.


AI may help us develop new clean technologies, new ways to deliver energy and new ways to clean the environment.


AI will give us the ability to travel the world from our headsets; it will expand communication so we can talk to colleagues and attend meetings in the same virtual room while collaborating in real-time on projects.   


These are all hopeful and wonderful possibilities.


Every archetype has its opposite.


 The Arts, perhaps the most human of all expressions of connection from one person to another, have already experienced an assault by AI. Artists, writers, and performers have all had their works and even their image and persona threatened by AI.


A quick Google search on AI Porn will reveal articles on its threat to our health and well-being. In an article about the future of AI porn and Its effect on humanity, Daniel Faggella, a recognized expert on AI for government and business, writes,  


·   "Altering human relationships: Human relationships will change radically as sexual arousal and gratification via AI-generated content become normal and socially acceptable.

·   A stepping stone towards isolated, hyper-personalized experiences: Sexual satisfaction is a “canary in the coal mine” of human drives. When it is satisfied with generative AI, many other drives (relaxation, entertainment, etc.) will follow quickly. The first world will be immersed in isolated, hyper-personal experiences (programmatically generated everything).” 1

We are facing a future where many aspects of life, from porn to gaming, communication, exercise, work, leisure, travel, and whatever else you might be able to imagine, are all going to be available virtually. Living life from a lazy boy with an Occulus or Apple Vision headset.

In a world where we are already increasingly isolated from each other by screens, big or small, what is going to become of actual human connection when we don’t have to leave a chair to access anything?

AI, through its eager advocates, has the dangerous potential to become a nearly autonomous receiver of the unconscious projections of our savior complex, globally, nationally, in our communities, and in our personal lives. Believing that AI will save us and give us every experience that we need or want is deeply flawed.


The Positive potential of AI is real, and so are the negative ones.


If you haven’t checked out the Metaverse Oculus Pro or Apple Vision Pro, I invite you to go to these links and consider, with the rate of technological growth, what life will be like in 20 years.

Go to these links, check out the games, watch the Apple demo, and then come back to finish reading this post.




I’m worried, deeply worried, and a little terrified.


Hold On Tight to The Real.


Hold onto hugs and the hands of your loved ones; hold on to the scent of a new baby, the sweet breath of a child sleeping; feel the sand between your toes and smell the salt air; travel to a new place; read a book that you hold; dig in the earth, plant garden; make love to a real person; dance together, go to a concert; walk in the rain, or run or walk outside for exercise; laugh and cry together; gaze at Art; write with a pen or pencil on paper; spend time with real people in real time and space. Pay attention.


Experience the heights and depths of life on this beautiful planet as a human being.


As women who are just reclaiming our full humanity, the real has never been more important.

The real is an intrinsic aspect of the archetypal feminine. It requires direct contact and dynamic interaction.


It is through real connection that we will support each other and build a new world and a global community that has meaning, purpose, belonging, and a future.



Dr. A.



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