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Mythic Monday! Celtic Queen of the Crow Moon

The next full moon is on Sunday, March 28th. One of its names is the Full Crow Moon. Crows are a part of many mythologies. In the Celtic tradition, there's a goddess who shapeshifts into a Crow, Morrigan. She's the great Irish/Celtic goddess of war, life, and death. Morrigan is a great example of how archetypes always have complementary opposites, light/dark, war/peace, fear/love.

She represents the gifts of wisdom, fertility, and sovereignty. Her name means "Great Queen." As a goddess of war and battle, she struck terror into the warriors' hearts she opposed.

She runs as a wolf alongside the warriors in battle, harvesting souls from the sacred battle site. Taking severed heads is her reward. As the goddess who protects the sovereignty of nature, she can shapeshift into a crow, a raven, a vulture, a white cow with red ears (cattle = fertility), an eel, a wolf, a young woman, and a crone. As fearsome as she is in battle, she is also the protector of the land and her people. She is the fierce powers and instincts of the life force in the land, animals, and humans.

Celtic culture embodied the closeness of the human, natural, and supernatural worlds. The gods, the fae, and nature spirits are all interlinked and codependent for the ancient Celts.

Morrigan's strength and sovereignty can encourage you to stand up for yourself and others and give no ground on the battlefield of your truth. She runs with you, strengthening you for the trials ahead.

Morrigan bids you to lay claim to your power and that which rightfully belongs to you: the power of your life, the force of life itself, the will to power, the urge to create, the sacredness of life, and the bounty of the sacred earth.

Activate Morrigan in your life, and she'll urge you to take control of your fate, change what must be changed, and have the wisdom to leave behind that which cannot be changed. Not all battles are yours. Know when to shapeshift and fly away and live to fight another day. Give over none of your power, none of your sovereignty, give aid when merited, and above all, honor the cycles of birth, life, and death, controlled by no mortal.

I made you a printable Goddess card that you can keep on your mirror, dresser, or desk to remind you to claim your sovereignty. Click here to download it.


Dr. A.

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