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Getting Back on track


How are you ladies doing? All I can say about this summer is WOW!

It has been a lot—already.

And, here in sunny southern California, summer is not even half over. I'm not sure if I should be thrilled (because I have so many goals and dreams that I'm working on) or stressed and overwhelmed (because I have so much to do, more than I can handle).

I just have to say it, HOLY SHIT! My life is in a new kind of chaos, and I have to work very hard to stay on track. Not always with success. It seems that since life has begun to return to normal in many parts of the country, things that used to feel normal now feel strange. Vacation, visiting friends, attending weddings, all seem to take up so much more air than before covid. Time has slipped somehow, and I seem to lose a lot of it every day.

My biggest goal, to help as many women as I can navigate the tumultuous waters of Midlife and Menopause, is moving full steam ahead. I'm taking classes on marketing to reach as many women who need my help as possible, putting together new programs, and getting ready to launch them. This, of course, requires me to learn new software programs, write, record, edit, and otherwise strain my brain. It also takes time. Time has gotten strange, it seems to run away from me, or linger torturously.

Now to the chaos. AH, LIFE. Life has been doing its best to knock me off track and keep me from achieving my personal and business goals. Since the beginning of June, this is what's been happening. June 4th, my dog had cancer surgery. A good outcome, but 4 weeks of 24-hour constant monitoring because the cone of shame could not keep him from scratching his stitches with his back legs. On June 16th, my husband had knee replacement surgery. Hey, howdy, I had no idea the amount of post-op care he would need. All good; he's recovering nicely. At the end of the first week of his recovery, I traveled to Texas for a week, and my daughters took over his care.

In the middle of this, our upstairs bathroom is being remodeled. We are general contracting it, so it's taking forever. There is stuff, dust, dirt, furniture, and construction materials everywhere, and we've all been using one bathroom for over 2 months. And now, just this week, both girls got sick, so we have tonsilitis and strep in the house. Oh, joy.

My daughters, who have been living here through covid isolation, are getting ready to move in September. One of my girls is trying to get a new career launched. One is going back to northern CA and the other one to AZ. Dates? Soon... yet unknown. Will you need help moving? Unknown, but likely yes. Probably when I'm in the middle of trying to launch something for my business, because that's what the universe likes to do....create entropy.

Coming up, I have a date to meet my future in-laws, a bridal dress excursion, a visit to a school chum, and a wedding Back East at the end of August. Yeah, fun!

Did I mention that I'm trying to get back to the gym and lose a few lbs? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Today, looking at the state of my home, my dream would be to find a housekeeper who is Covid vaccinated so that I can take the housework off my overflowing platter.

BUT- I know that I am NOT unique. I am Not the Only Woman who feels that time has warped somehow in the past year. I am Not the Only Woman who has too much on her platter, and I am Not the Only Woman who feels as if re-opening has caused an unexpected unraveling of my life.

The best thing about all of this is that I know that I'm not alone in these feelings. We're in this together. We're miraculous, first-in-history Regent Women living into our post-menopausal life stage with all of our experience, compassion, empathy, and wisdom. If we can continue to lift each other up, make each other laugh, and keep each other connected to the great mystery of life— its heights and depths— we'll achieve what no other generation of women have; using the gift of the next 20 years to become our most authentic soulful selves, while solving the world's toughest problems.

I have faith in us, in you and me. Every morning, I'm getting up, dusting myself off, and getting back on track. I hope you are too.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Joseph Campbell


Dr. A.

When you're ready, I'm here to help you tame the menopause and midlife rollercoaster and help you create your next chapter.

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