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4-Week Class 
Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:00 pm PDT
June 2nd, 9th, 16th,  and 23rd, 2021

Ladies, are you over 40 and wrestling with  Change? 

Have you lost your patience?
Do you feel emotional, angry, or frustrated?
​Have you burst into tears at the drop of a hat?
women transparent
Is your body changing?
Are you fighting aging?
Does your life suddenly feel like it doesn’t fit?
Are you regretting things you did and didn’t do?
​Have you asked yourself, “Is this it? Did I miss something?”
Are you struggling with empty-nest and changing relationships?

Are you worried you'll never feel like yourself  


Do you feel like you're disappearing?
Are you afraid of aging into irrelevance?
Are you losing your self-confidence and self-esteem?
What women are saying to Dr.A.
"I wish I had known how unprepared I was for the physical and emotional changes that happen and that I would need a support network."
"I mean I literally feel like I’m bipolar now at times. Happy— then so frustrated or irritated — at everything and everyone!"
"I wish I could have talked to someone as I started to go through it. I don't think you listen the same before it's actually relevant to you."
4 ancient wisdom
This midlife transformation is supposed to happen;
it’s built-in, pre-programmed into our bodies and psyches.
You can’t stop it any more than a caterpillar can stop becoming a butterfly.
 But when it comes, it's a shock because no one told you what to expect.
How can you prepare for a storm that you don’t know is coming? 
This transformation can last over 20 years, from start to finish!
Are you feeling the pull of your needs?
 It’s time for you to focus on yourself.
No one taught women what's coming or how to cross this territory of change
and emerge renewed and powerful until now.

2 ancient wisdom
Join Dr. A.  in this 4-week class. During the 90-minute sessions,
you'll discover how menopause and midlife are twin threads in the tapestry of women's lives, and how you can learn to thrive in the tension between change and growth.

Something new is happening. Something big. Women have made an evolutionary leap. We're making history. No other generation of women—in the history of the world— have lived into menopause together.


We have another 20 years or more to become our most authentic selves

and live our most fulfilled lives.

Can it be hard? Yes!

Can it be soul-expanding and full of opportunities? Yes!

I want to share a new perspective with you, that acknowledges there are losses in midlife, and at the same time, celebrates ripe power-filled opportunities.

Time of change
2 Time of change
In this 4-week course, Dr. A will teach you a new way to balance the tensions of change and growth by tapping into ancient wisdom, helping you cross these midlife territories of transformation.
Through ancient myths, tales, and stories, we can discover maps, mile markers, symbols, and signs that can help you to create your next chapters. 
Exploring ancient wisdom to unlock our stories connects us to our roots, while opening up new possibilities for the future.
Our culture tells us that it is a failure to get older.
That couldn’t be further from the truth.​
2 This Course Will

Join Dr. A. and a tribe of like-minded women to activate the ancient wisdom, in myths and tales to discover the power in your story and begin to reclaim your Mojo!

4  Wednesday evenings, from 6:30-8:00 pm PDT
June 2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd, 2021.  Online-Zoom

Session 1: Renew

As women between the ages of 45-70, we are an evolutionary masterpiece! We have been given a gift that no other women in the history of humanity have had. We'll begin by examining this gift and the opportunities it gives. We'll explore how and why the physical and psychological changes that women go through in midlife are intimately connected. The complex tapestries of our lives reveal that you cannot pull on one thread without unraveling another. We’ll explore what another 20-30 years of vital, engaged, living might mean for all aspects of our lives.

Session 2:  Recover

Asks, "What’s on the horizon? What can we expect as we age?" You’ll learn about 

The 7 Realms of Change that women will experience during Regency.

We’ll explore the Realm of Self Image in detail, to see what ancient myths and tales can reveal about our life’s stories. We will begin to explore a bigger picture, a mythic, perspective of our lives.

Session 3:  Recreate

We’ll dive into the mythic realm and see how and why myths and tales are maps we can use to navigate midlife. We will look at archetypes, goddesses, and their mythologies and relate them to our experiences. Then we’ll explore how we can find additional archetypes and their tales to help us reach our goals.

Session 4: Reclaim

In this final session, we’ll ask, “What do I want to do in my next chapter?” “How do I get there?” We’ll unpack how discovering your personal myth can help you to achieve your goals. We’ll explore the next steps in your heroine’s journey, so you can reclaim your Mojo and live your most authentic and fulfilled life.

You Don't have to go through this Alone.


Let me help you discover the wisdom in your story,
your personal myth, and help you unlock
the power in your Regency years.
Dr. A.


Dr. A. Icons
Rene, M.A.
Writer, Creativist

Since the first meeting, I have had a renewed sense of wonder at my own life, my own story. I love the support of the women in the group, the material and especially the workshop exercises. It's been really good for me and came at a good time!

Donna, RN
Health and Wellness Educator

Andrea's role as a Midlife Re-Boot midwife is invaluable. I attended her workshop in June and it was the first step in attracting all of the pieces I needed to start the next chapter, the best chapter of my life! Thank you Andrea!


Andrea is a wonderful teacher.  She has opened up a window of knowledge that is often overlooked, the wisdom of the feminine life cycle.  She helps you to access the four feminine archetypal energies to assist you in creating a life full of creativity and meaning.

Lorraine P.
Retired Educator

I have found the Women's Wisdom Village meetings to be a source of comfort and support this year. Meeting with you and those who attend has been a saving grace during the pandemic lockdown. I also find the journal questions a means to explore myself and my own thinking, helping me to understand myself and be introspective. I appreciate your guidance, thank you.

Dr. A. Icons
Family Court Judge

Andrea's Midlife workshop has transformed how I view myself as a 21st-century woman. She weaves theories of modern psychology with ancient mythology to unravel the negative female stereotypes our culture imposes. She empowers us with the knowledge of ancient traditions embracing our strengths and a road map of our uniquely female journey. She helps us reframe our life stages and to recognize our great inner power and beauty. It is a journey of self-discovery supported by the bonds of sisterhood and friendship. It is life-changing.

Untitled design (62)
Lorelle M.

I was swimming thru deep waters of undesired emotions trying to find my way to the surface. This is when I came upon Andrea’s Women’s Wisdom Village.

The Pandemic, job loss, raging politics, and my sons moving far away was the final shoe to drop of the empty nest. I was also dealing with the amplified challenges a 40-year relationship while in lockdown; all this was overwhelming my psyche. I knew I had survived before, thru terrible situations of the past, but this was a whole new level and I needed a leg up, a respite from all of it while staying in the boxed-in world.

 Andrea’s stories from the village began to resonate with me for reasons I couldn’t understand. It became more clear the more I listened; I found myself in those stories, they were reflecting themes of my life. I went thru the 12-week private coaching program with Andrea, and as we pulled away the layers and revealed my personal story, I was able to take a step back and grasp my life experience with a new set of eyes.

I have made it through the worst of it and I feel a fresh current to follow. Andrea’s counsel and guidance through this storm have been a saving grace, a life raft in a raging sea.

I feel the compass in hand with this new perspective, I found what was always there, the wisdom and truth of my personal story through the ancient telling of tales that traveled through time to help me.

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