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I Asked 300 Women...

How are you navigating midlife and menopause?

Researching Midlife & Menopause

In an exclusive survey, I asked women about their experiences with perimenopause, midlife, and menopause.

Find out what women like you have to say about all the changes they experienced during midlife. What are their most common physical and emotional symptoms? What are their biggest challenges when it comes to this transformation? What surprised them? What do they wish someone had told them before it all started? How are they taking care of themselves? What does the other side of menopause look and feel like?

I've compiled a 5-page PDF report, summarizing the results of this survey. I know you'll find this data enlightening, and that it will help you feel less alone during this tumultuous time of life. 

Submit your information, and I'll send you the results of my research on midlife, menopause, and perimenopause. 

Thanks for submitting! Make sure to check your email. 

Survey Results
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