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Classes Returning in 2024

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Registration Is Open!

Join Dr. A. in this transformative eight-week group class that explores the profound changes that women go through during perimenopause, midlife, menopause, and post-menopause.

The physical, psychological, and spiritual shifts of midlife are pre-programmed into women’s bodies, minds, and souls. Because they all happen at the same time, it makes our lives hard to manage!

To conquer these midlife changes and live their most authentic and fulfilled lives women must navigate Seven Realms of Change. 

The Seven Realms of Change are a woman’s changing:  

Body — Self-Image — Feelings — Needs — Roles — Priorities — Goals

It’s Destiny.  It’s an Unavoidable Voyage. 

Yet—It is possible to Influence, Direct, and Participate in all these changes!
It is possible to understand what is happening to you and take control of the process.

It is possible to design a map, chart a course, pilot the journey, and choose your destination.

This transformative eight-week group class unlocks how to address the changes of midlife and successfully navigate the Seven Realms of Change.


Learn to claim the power within the profound changes that women go through from 45-70+.

In this class, Dr. A. Inspires & Leads You To Reclaim Your Passion, Vitality, Sovereignty, & Personal Power by Journeying From—  


Being worried — TO TAKING ACTION
Feeling Like You’ve Missed Something  — TO DISCOVERING WHAT’S NEXT
Feeling Time Is Running Out — TO PLANNING A FUTURE


Feeling You’ve Lost Life’s Meaning, Purpose, And Belonging— TO RECREATING YOURSELF AND RECLAIMING YOUR PASSION FOR LIFE 

Learn strategies and skills you will use for the rest of your life.

Dr. A. will lead participants in a heroine's journey exploring which realms you will sail through with a fair wind, which ones may becalm you, and where you will likely encounter storms. 


Each woman will need a tribe of allies and guides to chart her course. In this group class, you'll discover that you're not alone, you're not broken, and that menopause and aging are not diseases.

Each week Dr. A. will :

  • Go in-depth into one realm of change and discuss how it can influence our lives and the lives of those we love. 

  • Reveal the archetypes that Rule the Seven Realms and help you discover which might be your allies and which might try to pull you off course. 

  • Discuss solutions to participate in, influence, and direct this new life stage's physical, psychological, and spiritual changes.

The Details

The class meets on Zoom for 90 minutes per week for eight weeks.

In your welcome packet, shipped priority US Mail, you'll receive a copy of the
Seven Realms of Change: A Woman's Discovery Journal 

This is the text for the class. This beautiful journal is printed in full color, 95 pages,  and 8.5 x 11 inches.
The Journal is designed for the class and  to track the changes in your life for the following year.
The welcome packet also contains Seven Soulful Surprises for use during class.

All classes will be recorded and available Via Private Link for class member viewing
if you miss a  class session.
You will have email access to Dr. A to ask questions during the eight weeks.

There are two class times available.
GROUP 1  Thursdays 3:30 pm Pacific, which is - 5:30 pm Central and - 6:30 pm Eastern
GROUP 2  Thursdays 6:30 Pm Pacific, which is -  8:30 pm Central
and -  9:30 pm Eastern
New Sessions in 2024
Check back after Jan 15th

(NOTE: if you are registering for the class from outside the USA
you will be invoiced separately for the additional shipping fees for the welcome kit)

ZOOM Links will be emailed one week before the class begins.
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what are women like you saying about this class?



"Dr. A speaks to me like nobody I know. I loved the Seven Realms of Change Group Class. It is beautifully organized and presented, and, once again, the content spoke to me in a way that I don’t often experience. I recently retired, and this course got me laser-focused on how I want and plan to do my third act - or Regency. Dr. A is very inspiring and an absolute font of information on midlife issues. Thanks to this course, I feel confident and empowered to create and live the life I want." Susan H.

"Dr. A's class was really helpful for me as I am entering into this challenging time of life. I really liked the group setting for this class as opposed to 1:1. Being together openly and the community that grows from consistently meeting for an extended period of time made it so much more meaningful than I think exploration on my own would have been. I loved getting the welcome package with my journal. It is beautiful, and I look forward to continuing to use it in the future as my focus changes. Thank you, Dr. A. for creating this course and sharing it with us - we need each other as we go through these changes, and your course gave me a community to help me figure out where I am and where I am headed." Tracy M.

"Although I've been following Dr. A.'s work online for a while, it took a little leap of faith to join the 7 Realms of Change Class, mainly because I wasn't sure about the workshop / group dynamic and whether that would be something I'd enjoy. Now here I am, 4 weeks in, and I'm so happy I took the plunge. The small group of women have already become a wonderful support and it's been incredibly valuable for me to learn from and share with other women who are experiencing similar (but also very different!) things as I am. I've really appreciated the age range and diversity of perspectives in the class, and after every session, I've come away with something new. Really looking forward to where this takes me at the end of 8 weeks!" M.D.

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