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Document Your Personal Midlife Renaissance for a year through the Seven Realms of transformation coded within peri-midlife and meno and help your girlfriends do the same!


Throughout perimenopause, midlife, and menopause you will pass through Seven Realms of change: Your Changing Body, Self Image, Feelings, Needs, Roles, Priorities, and Goals. This stunning journal will help you understand how these changes affect you and your loved ones while encouraging you to reclaim your life for you during your Regency years.  


Printed in full color, with stunning images, inspiring quotes, and thought-inspiring writing prompts, Dr. A. created this beautiful journal for women to track the changes in the Seven Realms of their lives, and develop a deeper self-understanding for a year.


As we mature time feels like it passes more quickly, and before you know it, it's next year. With this journal, you’ll have your thoughts, feelings, and growth to look back on.


This journal is also an essential partner in tracking the indicators of menopause, your emotions, personal growth, and experiences as you age.


Tracking your personal transformation for a year can be a vital part of your conversations with your health and wellness providers.


This is not an ordinary journal, it's a wonderful gift for the women in your life that keeps giving all year long!

Seven Realms of Change: A Woman's Discovery Journal

  • This Journal is full-sized, 8.5 x 11", coil bound, and printed in full color. The stunning images range from classic art to inspirational photography. It includes quotes from scholars and writers, writing prompts to explore your journey through the Seven Realms, and archetypal perspectives on women's aging, women's mythology, and the power encoded within women's midlife transformation. 

    Shipping is USPS Poritiy Mail


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