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The workshop is sold out! 
You can order The Holiday Happiness Journal/Planner
for purchase on November 11th! 

The Holiday Happiness Workshop will help you to:

—Create a plan to thrive and not just survive during the holiday season this year.

—Set and keep healthy boundaries to get the most joy from the season.


—Manage expectations, disappointments, stress, and change.


— Choose your priorities, be flexible and resilient.


—Create an action plan and calendar that includes time for rest and personal renewal.



The workshop will include proven strategies for dealing with holiday stress, setting personal boundaries, and planning a happy holiday. You’ll create an action template and a personal calendar to plan a less stressful holiday season for you

and your loved ones this year.


After your registration, you’ll receive The Holiday Happiness Journal. Your 20+ page digital journal contains the worksheets, action plan, and calendar pages you’ll use during the workshop and over the next 60 days. It will help you keep on track with your stress-less holiday plan. You can type in it directly or print it out. Designed in black and white with inspiring images and quotes, it is affordable to print. So, if you prefer to write in your journal rather than type on your device, you can keep it close at hand.  


BONUS—Each participant has a private, one-on-one, 30-minute follow-up session with Dr. A., available within four days of the workshop. These sessions will offer additional support, address your action plan, personal strategies,

and any further questions you may have.

Special Subscriber Pricing:  $299.00

A $525.00 value.

This Workshop is only being offered to current subscribers of my mailing list.

The minimum cohort size is 4 Regent women; the Maximum is 8.


What is the value of reducing your stress

and increasing your joy over the holidays? Priceless!


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