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The Victory of Ariadne is an archetypal re-telling of the Greek myth of Ariadne and Theseus.


A seemingly little book, you'll find it's multilayered and full of symbolic meaning and insight.


This inspirational book is for women who gave their all to someone or something and were abandoned, disrespected, or unappreciated.


Women who have had this experience will deeply relate to the heart of the myth shared in this book. The beautiful images will inspire you and the interpretation will motivate you to claim your power and create what's next in your life.


Though on the surface, the story is about a relationship gone wrong, it's a wonderful metaphor for many circumstances in women's lives when someone or something takes everything from us and leaves us behind.

The Victory of Ariadne

  • Hard bound and printed in full color, the book is 7.5" x 7.5" and filled with stunning images from antiquity and classical art. 

    Less than $25.00 this makes a wonderful gift that keeps on giving for years to come!

    Shipping is USPS Priority Mail.

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