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Mythic Monday! It's Spring; time to plant those seeds!

This week, on Saturday, it's the official arrival of Spring! Hail and well met, after a dark and difficult winter. Throughout winter, when nature was resting and her fields were fallow, I encouraged midlife women to think of winter as Dreamtime, a time to imagine what might come next in our lives.

Now that the season of new growth and renewal is upon us, let's plant some seeds from the dreams, ideas, and imaginings of winter's Dreamtime! The seeds you incubated in the long cold of winter are ready to be planted. Now's the time to plant seeds for your renewal.

We can use the joy and optimism of Spring to carry us forward into the season of personal rebirth and growth.

In Greek mythology, spring is the time of year when Persephone returns from the underworld. Hades kidnaped her to be his Queen. Her mother, Demeter, the goddess of the grain and fertility of the earth, was so angry and grieved by the loss of her daughter that she refused to allow anything to grow. A long and beautiful myth, the story ends with a deal being struck, allowing Persephone to spend half the year in the underworld (winter) and half the year on earth. When Persephone reemerges from the underworld, Spring returns with her! The joyful reunion of mother and daughter is evidenced in the rebirth throughout all of nature. Together, they represent the eternal cycles of Birth, Growth, Death, and Rebirth.

We have certainly been in the underworld this winter. Here is an idea for a little sacred ceremony to celebrate the arrival of Spring and plant the seeds for your next chapter.


A small clay pot, empty egg carton, or a used container, whatever you have.

Potting soil or dirt from your yard or wild place that you won't damage. You will need enough to fill your container.

Flower seeds. One of my favorites is Morning Glory, I love the blue blooms, and I love how they climb! You can use any seeds you like.

On a tiny strip of paper (like a fortune cookie), write a dream(s) or goal(s) that you have been nurturing during winter. Or draw a symbol that represents that dream or goal.

Fill the container halfway with soil, put the slip of paper with your dream written on it in the pot, add more soil to fill the container.

Follow the seed packet direction for panting your seeds.

Water your seeds and put the container where they will get a lot of natural light.

Ask Persephone to bring you the energies of renewal and new growth with her return!

Keep the seeds moist but not too wet.

Check them daily to see your dreams nurture the flowers sprouting in your window!

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