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This 12-week one-to-one coaching program is designed specifically
for women in perimenopause, Midlife, and Menopause.

The Heroine's Path Promise

Get Off Your Peri-Meno-Midlife-Emotional Rollercoaster,

Reclaim Your Life, Hopes, and Dreams,

In 12 Weeks Or Less . . .

Without Confusion, Shame or Self-doubt.

This is the only midlife women's coaching program that uses the proven techniques
of Depth and Archetypal Psychology
including; Myth, Story, Personal Narrative, Active Imagination, Dream Work, and Archetypal Creativity.


The Heroine’s Path 12-Week Coaching Program


  • 12 one-to-one coaching sessions lasting 60-90 minutes each.


  • A customized coaching program curated to your specific issues.


  • A welcome packet outlining each of the 12 sessions' contents.


  • All readings will be chosen specifically for you by Dr. A.

Emailed as a PDF or you will be given the live web link to access the materials.


  • All hand-outs, journaling pages, and worksheets are chosen specifically for you by Dr. A.

and are emailed to you, to be completed before the next live coaching session.


  • Early registration and free access to the Women’s Wisdom Village workshops during your program


  • Email access to Dr. A. for questions or additional support.



Dr. A. cannot accept every woman who applies as a client. 

There has to be a good fit between her coaching method

and what potential clients need help with.

Click on the button below, book a call time,

and Dr. A. will meet you on Zoom at that time.

The link will be sent to you in an email.






Let's Make 2023 Your Year!

Dr. A. will answer all your questions in your discovery call.

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